Want Quality, Experience and Forward Thinking? Then Choose Us.

KEW Consulting Partnership Ltd. brings up to date technology and thinking to your business.

Multi-Sector Experience

Our experience in the IT business spans multiple sectors from Banking & Finance to Recruitment & Payroll. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and really know what it takes to deliver a high end piece of software and successful business IT strategies.

Innovative and Forward Thinking

The advancement of technology is increasing exponentially and any modern business must stay ahead of the curve to survive. With every customer we are passionate about passing on our love for new technologies and innovative thinking.

Drive for Quality

We only want to produce quality products and services. A cheap bargain may seem like a quick win but experience tells us that investing time and skills ensures a long lasting, easy to support product.

We won’t compromise on quality, we’d rather say no than produce something that will not deliver.

Who We Are

We are two like minded individuals with a passion for quality and well designed IT infrastructure and software. The team consists of:


Thomas Kummer – Focused. Pragmatic. Efficient. Project Manager & Developer. Even funnier after his 2nd cup of coffee. Favourite phrase: “Gogogo!”


Daniel Echeverria –  Turns coffee into code. Forward thinking.

How long have we been around?

As humans, a while... The company, since January 2017.

Cups of coffee consumed per week

Upwards of 30

Approx. total IT experience combined

0.03 Millennia (or about 30 years)

Software & Web Development

Our End-to-End Approach

Business Analysis

One of our consultants can discuss your requirements. We can provide a full end to end specification and effort estimate.

Project Management

If you want to run a project in a traditional waterfall model or if you want to use an Agile approach we can help you to deliver on time and target.

Software Development

Whether you need a complete software solution developed or require high quality .Net developers using C#, MVC, Entity Framework to work with your in house team we are confident we have a flexible solution to suit your needs. With our experience we can assist your business in setting up an end to end software delivery solution in the cloud using continuous integration and deployment and robust source control.


Quality assurance is essential for every project. We have skilled testers in the team that can verify the quality of the product during and post development.


We are proud of what we create and are more than happy to help support the software once it has left our hands.